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2.2.1 ESL New

In this accelerated program, the objective is to produce immediate results in language acquisition. This program emphasizes on all aspects of the new language such as conversation, speaking, and grammar. Furthermore, it can be multidisciplinary and individualized to include your specific interests if you are studying for professional, academic, or particular purposes. Our programs contain all levels from beginners to professional linguists. Bilingual Educators will schedule an exam that will classify you in the appropriate level. This program is designed for people interested in improving their English language skills or desiring to learn a new language.

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The students enrolled in the Spanish program are able to facilitate the development of conversational skills. We recognize the primary goal of business executives interested in learning the Spanish language is to be able to communicate effectively and interact with Spanish speaking customers in a context of understanding their environment and culture.

Our approach to teaching the Spanish language is not only one- dimensional and focused academically, but it is a multidimensional program oriented to the specific needs of our students. Bilingual Educators recommend that students enroll for at least eight (8) weeks. Ideally, the time required to have an advanced level of the Spanish language is twelve (12) weeks.

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2.2.3 TOEFL

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is now requiring non-native speaking ACP students to take the TOEFL exam in order to graduate from the ACP program. During this time, Bilingual Educators will provide an advanced TOEFL preparation program that will focus on high-intermediate to advanced instruction in speaking, listening, reading comprehension, and writing.

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The most cost-effective and time-efficient method of providing specific English language instruction for non-native English speaking employees; employers can take advantage of Bilingual Educators customized English training programs. Our professional instructors develop courses based on a needs-analysis within the company, and then provide the instruction on site and at a convenient time according to employees’ work schedules. The program includes comprehensive placement testing, pre-post course assessment testing, and/or progress reports at the end of training (for employees’ records).

The Business English program covers the following skills: presentations, participating in meetings, negotiating agreements, explaining and defending positions, a business vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions in work-related conversations.

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2. 3 GED

  • (General Educational Development)

The General Educational Development is a process through which a student acquires the equivalent of a high school diploma called the GED certificate or GED credential. Any Texas resident age eighteen (18) or over that has a government photo identification card can enroll in the General Educational Development program, if they did not graduate from an accredited high school.

Bilingual Educators offers this program in English and Spanish in order to prepare you for the GED exam. The student must pass all four sections of the State exam to receive their GED certificate. Many great businesses in the United States hire candidates with a GED certificate which can improve you income.

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Children and Teenager

Children and young adults can take advantage in our Spanish program during the summer. Here at Bilingual Educators, our professional teachers have great and fun activities that will help students learn the Spanish language which will be extremely beneficial in their near future.

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