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View the experiences and testimonials from our students at Bilingual Educators.

Orfa Rincón

Bilingual Educators. Do you want to become a teacher? If you want to become a teacher, you must look for a special institution that will guide you step-by-step on the process. Therefore, you have to look for a responsible and reliable institution. That is what Bilingual Educators is all about.

Bilingual Educators not only delivers what they promise during your first visit but they also go the extra mile to make sure that you accomplish what you set out to do. every time you try to get in touch with Bilingual Educators in regards to a question you can rest assure that someone will be ready to talk to you.

They will also provide you with the next step to be successful. In conclusion, becoming a teacher is not so difficult if you have a responsible a reliable institution like bilingual Educators supporting you.

Raquel Steven

A la Familia de Bilingual Educators,Muchas gracias por todas sus atenciones! Especialmente a Joana, mil gracias por responder a cada duda que tuve desde la primera llamada telefonica. A la Sra. Liliana y el Sr. Carlos por estar al pendiente, ya que mientras estudiaba para los examenes las instalaciones de bilingual eran mi segundo hogar.

Y a Teacher Builder, en especial al Sr. Frank Sauceda por responder todas mis dudas. Porque a pesar de que no estan fisicamente en Houston, estan al pendiente via telefonica o por e-mail... por haber venido a hablar con la directora de mi escuela y presentarse directamente con la subdirectora.

Es bueno saber, que uno no esta solo, sino que cuenta con el respaldo de un gran equipo! Nuevamente muchas gracias por todo!

Amaurys Molina

My name is Amaurys Molina and I work as a kindergarten teacher in the school L. A. Morgan located in Galveston City. I am a Cuban Agricultural engineer, with more than 10 years of experience as a teacher in Cuba and Mexico. I dedicated all my employment history to work in different education areas

We always have a dream at the moment we reach United States, to be able to work as a professional, and that was one of my goals. But at the beginning it was impossible and I end it up working in something that has nothing to do with my career or with what I wanted to do. Searching at internet I found articles that talk about the possibility that professionals coming from other countries, to get a certificate for t work as a teacher. Known this I start to look for a prestigious institution that accomplish with some requirements that allow me to dedicate time to study and work at the same time.

What caught my attention of Bilingual Educators was precisely the flexibility of the courses that they offer, with a total coverage of online education system and the access to supportive material adequate a lot in my opinion for these courses. Attention to students is very good; they have a personalized orientation and a friendly service. The online courses, from the comfort of your home, the continued orientation and a smooth communication, were the benchmark to reach my goals.

In this case I got to pass the Bilingual Generalist Ec-6 test (192), what enable me to work as a teacher in Texas. One of the biggest concerns of people who finish this test is to get a job offer that satisfy the needs and expectations we brought here. It was then through Bilingual Educator, I knew of several teachers’ position available, which made it simple enough for me to get an offer and in less than a month I was working as a teacher in Galveston ISD.

To work as a teacher is overwhelming and demanding an enormous amount of effort, work and time, but it is rewarding enough too. The possibility to work in a professional team, with a professional development plan and the relationship with children are unmatched. From the beginning I have tried to focus my work in areas such as classroom management, to establish a good relationship with kids and the academic preparation about matters.

Now I am in my first year as a teacher, with a probationary certificate and I can ensure that Bilingual Educator Keep it’s monitoring and support for me to accomplish the next stages. In my opinion the fact to bond with Bilingual Educator brought to me a lot of benefit in terms of professional development and to achieve my career objectives in the short and long term.

Bilingual Educator is without any doubt a very good place to reach your professional dreams that many of migrant bring to this country.

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